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If our booths in the dining room don't offer enough privacy, you can reserve the "Blauer Salon". Our private dining offers the opportunity to hold business or private events with up to 12 people undisturbed. The service can be called discreetly via service call to order any drinks or food.


In addition, the saloon is equipped with a presentation screen and technology. All that is required for data retrieval is a smartphone on which the corresponding PowerPoint or PDF is saved. The service is happy to assist with installation. This is the ideal place to combine business lunches and meetings.

We do not charge a fee for the booking, but only a minimum consumption of 600 €.

You can easily reserve the private dining room "Blauer Salon" online for at least 7 guests.

We can offer the GRANDE in Derendorf as an event location for events for more than 12 people.

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